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Born To Walk was established in early 2011. Precisely on the 27th, January 2011. At that time, Chris (Guitar/Keys/Vox Clean) and Adon (Guitar) met and wanted to make a project band that's different from existing ones, and this is the initial formation Born To Walk it self. Then we feel need some personnel to fill vacancies on the band.
Born To Walk
Finally join David (Vox Scream/Growl) and Then the band was still short of the drummer, so after we did the audition process drummer Ryan selected as permanent Born To Walk's (Drummer). With the formation of this now we will still give the music a different colour, with still a few music elements such as Metal, Post Hardcore, Emo, Screamo. We are only 4 Youth who were catching our dreams despite several years ago and now we're back with something new with the ambition and spirit that never goes out.

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